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“Tim and his team scraped our popcorn ceilings and painted them. He did a WONDERFUL job. He was so easy to work with, incredibly responsive to all of our questions, was on time (even finished a little early!) and the ceilings turned out wonderful. The house looks like a new house now – so much more modern, clean and fresh! I would definitely recommend Tim and his company to anyone looking for popcorn scraping!”
Kelly S.

“Ripcord Painting is INCREDIBLE!!!  Power washing, no crack unsealed, no hole unpatched, no protruding nail that wasn’t countersunk and filled, no rough surface un-sanded. I did not get anything close from the last well known painters we contracted at twice the price. All aspects must meet his high level of craftsmanship and homeowner’s satisfaction.

Henry E.

interior paint cutting in
exterior siding painting
cabinet refinishing and painting

Project Spotlights

Two Story Family Home Ready For An Update

The exterior of homeowner Julie’s home was in desperate need of attention. With rotting trim and fading colors, Julie felt out of date.

Tim’s crew pulled out rotting woodwork and replaced it with new matching trim boards. Then he power washed the home to get it clean. Loose paint was scraped, patched, and primed with oil-based primer. 

Any cracks or seams where water could penetrate and cause further damage were caulked using an elastomeric caulking. 

All loose nails that were striking out were pounded back in. Finally, two coats of Sherwin-Williams Resiliance with MoistureGaurd™ Technology were applied. 

The beautiful shade of marine blue was custom matched from a back awning that was previously built. The color Slate Tile SW 7624 was brought in on the gables to add depth and break up the powerful marine color. 

Julie and her family were blown away by the dramatic difference saying, “Ripcord Painting just did our exterior and we couldn’t be happier with it.” Now they love coming home!

Project Scope

  • Whole Exterior Painting + Wood Repair

Project Cost

*Exterior project range in price depending on size of home and level of prep needed. The average price to paint the outside of your house with Ripcord Painting ranges from $3,000-$6,500+.

  • Labor: $4,300
  • Materials: $1,100

Total Project Investment: $5,400

A Bold Change Of Color For A Total Interior Makeover

Tyffany hadn’t lived long in her new home before she finally had enough and had to get rid of the old styles of the previous homeowners. Her first move was new flooring but she felt like if she was going to do this much work, she may as well do everything and make the space her own. 

That’s when she called Ripcord Painting to help her complete the look. Tyffany didn’t want anything normal so she opted for a dramatic look with charcoal railing and matching doors throughout.


The color of the railing and doors is Web Gray SW 7075 and the other woodwork is On The Rocks SW 7671. Sherwin-Williams Emerald was used on all of the woodwork which is a top of the line finish and will last for years to come. The wall color is Summit Gray SW 7669. Tiffany joked that she wanted 50 Shade of Gray.

While the bid price on this job came in a little higher than the competition, Tyffany felt it was well worth it because of the higher grade trim paint and the extra length’s Tim went through to protect the brand new flooring using Floorshell Heavy Duty Surface Protection.

Tyffany couldn’t have been happier telling Tim in email, “We love our colors!” She even threw a party for her friends just to show off the new colors!

Project Scope

  • Stairway
  • 2 ½ Baths
  • 3 Closets
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Hallway
  • Entry Sitting Room

Project Cost

*Average interior painting projects range in price from $3,000-$6,000+ depending on number of rooms and the scope of the project.

  • Walls – $5,000
  • Woodwork – $2,500
  • Materials – $1,400

Total Project Investment: $8,900

An Elegant Change To An Aging Kitchen

Greg & Kara just moved into their new home and needed to paint to get it ready to move in. At the top of the list was painting the dated cherry cabinets that just didn’t match the vision Greg and Kara had for their new home. 

The search for a paint company didn’t take long because Tim had done several projects for them already at their previous home.

To paint the cabinets professionally, Tim and his crew removed all of the doors and hinges first. The doors needed to be cleaned using TSP to degrease and clean the surfaces preparatory to sanding. Then they used a strong bonding primer by INSLX called Stix to ensure adhesion.

Tim sanded between coats finishing with spraying two coats of Benjamin Moore Advance for a durable alkyd-hybrid finish. The beautiful Gloss Ivory finish gave an elegance to the home that Greg & Kara loved.

Kara wrote, “HIGHLY recommend Tim we have used him for the outside house and entire inside. He has been so patient with changes and creative ideas. He has an AWESOME crew that comes early, works hard, and is just happy to do it all!! Love these guys, please check them out!!”

Project Scope

  • Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Project Cost

*Your price may vary depending on the size of your project. Average cabinet prices range from $2,500-$6,000.

  • Labor: $4,500
  • Materials: $250

Total Project Investment: $4,750

Working with Tim and his team you’ll be able to avoid the bad experiences of the past and be proud of the home you’ve made.

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