Popcorn Ceilings, popcorn ceilings popcorn ceilings.

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“Tim and his team scraped our popcorn ceilings and painted them. He did a WONDERFUL job. He was so easy to work with, incredibly responsive to all of our questions, was on time (even finished a little early!) and the ceilings turned out wonderful. The house looks like a new house now – so much more modern, clean and fresh! I would definitely recommend Tim and his company to anyone looking for popcorn scraping!”
Kelly S.

“Ripcord Painting is INCREDIBLE!!!  Power washing, no crack unsealed, no hole unpatched, no protruding nail that wasn’t countersunk and filled, no rough surface un-sanded. I did not get anything close from the last well known painters we contracted at twice the price. All aspects must meet his high level of craftsmanship and homeowner’s satisfaction.

Henry E.

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Working with Tim and his team you’ll be able to avoid the bad experiences of the past and be proud of the home you’ve made.

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